Engineering and technology research

The members of our development team had took a part in the development and creation of such as AxxonSoft VMS, Trassir VMS, Alphalogic, as well as many other complex structured systems, including city-wide. Having such specialists in our team, we combine our experience to create optimal solutions both at the software and hardware levels.

For the frequent creation of software or hardware solution, developers cannot even imagine that their program or device will be used in the opposite way. Before creating something to make the product not only convenient and also commercially successful, we conduct deep analytics, study user experience, analyze the competitive environment and all their weaknesses.



When creating devices, it is necessary to understand where, in what conditions (including climatic conditions) it will be used, by whom and how it will be used in 80% of cases, take into account possible nuances of installation and many other factors determining of the final product.

Deep Knowledge

Of course, in such a compressed form it is impossible to talk about a set of competencies since More than a dozen books can be written on the stories about the combined experience of our team. However, combining deep and versatile knowledge, we can safely say that you will get an almost perfect product at the output.

We Do

We do our best of the best, nevermind if its separated software or separated hardware or even part of complex machine. We can create with equal quality as just device or device with programm it's chip, as optimize hardware and software as well as just create software