We aim

to set the industrial design for every client we work with. Our purpose is to build products through profound design aesthetics that let our clients build their brand in a distinctive way.

We are

a united group of design fans and technician nerds who constantly challenge each other to create things transcend current trends, exceed standards and inspire real people to better live.

Nikolay Dikov


Our priority is to produce the highest quality product of, and the location of our designers, engineers and managers does not matter. For the advantage of our partners, we're ready to design the product, offer its following promotion same as technical support.

Artem Reymer


In a world where business requires profit, the industry needs innovation, and the user needs reliability - only an understanding of all the subtleties in each of these components can make it possible to create a truly unique product in demand.

Maxim Dikov


For me, programming is an eternal study and the search for something new. When choosing this profession, one should be prepared for the fact that studies will not end either after university or after gaining a high position. This specificity, first of all, appears due to the fact that the field of information technology is quite young and is constantly evolving.